Saturday, May 14, 2016

Barackholm Syndrome: What is Your Ethical Threshold?

By Kevin Scott Collier

One of the Christian aspects in End Times, concerning age, is that you become a witness to the breaking down of Christianity during your lifetime. Such is my case, having recently reached the age of 59. I still recall when prayer was in public school. I was very young, granted, but I recall it. What I remember most about it wasn't what prayers were spoken, or details about the experience, but rather, when it went away. As a young boy, I wondered why we couldn't do it anymore.

Here we are today. And I still wonder why we cannot do it anymore. After speaking with Faith in History and American Minute host William Federer, I learned there's really no foundation for pulling prayer from schools, as it should have been a state by state decision, not the directive of the Federal Government.

I have been a witness to the social narrative being controlled by devils, where the word "choice" becomes another word for murder. In current days, I have seen where gender isn't determined by God Almighty, but by an anti-Christ spirited society that defines one's sex not by biology, but by whatever they think they are.

When we begin to allow mentally ill, demonicly swayed individuals to define a basically Christian society, we have allowed unclean spirits to high-jack our values. We have allowed them to silence us based on a perception of shame. If we speak out against this cancerous sickness, we are racist homophobes. But shame on them, in the name of Jesus Christ.

With the latest directive from President Barack Obama regarding recognizing "transgenders" in public schools, it isn't just about a boy who thinks he's a girl and his security in the privacy of the girl's bathroom stall. It is also that biological boy standing next to your 12-year-old daughter, nude, showering next to her after gym class. If it's OK for your daughter to see a young male in the throws of puberty lathering up next to her, then you need to start attending church daily and repent.

My brother in Christ, Pastor Todd Coconato, tackled the topic in a live sermon on Facebook last night. It is worth a listen, as our nation is on the edge.

I wonder where the moral and ethical threshold is for what the loyalists to this perverted president of ours is? Where will he cross the line for you? When will he cast out a directive that you and your family will not stand for? 

I am totally convinced some adults are so in the tank for Obama that he could actually order the rape, murder and cannibalism of their children and they'd still support the man. They suffer from Barackholm Syndrome, which is similar to Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome, as most people know, is when one has feelings of trust or affection, felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage taking, by a victim or their captor. Even when tortured they make excuses for their kidnapper. When given opportunities to escape, they willingly stay. In some cases where the kidnappers are captured, and put on trial, their victims refuse to testify against them.

And let's think of the word "testify," or "testimony." In a court of law it is described as evidence or proof provided by the existence, or appearance, of something. In a Christian context, it is described as a public recounting of a religious conversion or experience. 

When you are called into the court of the Most High God, what will your testimony be? Will you lie about the Gospel truth on the stand? Will you invoke the Fifth Amendment and remain silent, because anything from your mouth will convict you in God's court? Will you take the stand and make excuses for your captor?

It's time to understand that Barackholm Syndrome is a disease. It is a demonic cancer that has destroyed everything we know as Gospel. So what is your threshold? When does your captor go too far? 

Your captor is Satan. Remember that.

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