Saturday, June 25, 2016

An answered prayer: Cavs' win broke the 'Cleveland curse'

If you're not from Cleveland, you don't get the look on LeBron's face, or why Delly, who didn't even play once during the Finals, could care less, had just as thrilled a look on his face as LeBron (once the immensity passed) as did the others.

God took me home to Cleveland to pray for this. Here's the rundown:

MONDAY: At my sister, Amy's, in North Ridgeville, watching with our family, and just prayed for this game not to be the last. I literally said, "Thank You, Jesus!" after every shot made, and meant it. And what's crazy, it felt like Jesus was laughing as I was praying (since obviously He knew He was gonna' give this to us), so in the same way the Chariots of Fire runner said when he ran he felt God's pleasure, I felt Jesus' laughter, His excitement.

THURSDAY: At Amy's again, and this time we were all a bit nervous, like, "Please, God, just let them get back to Oakland!"

At 7 minutes left in the game, we were getting quiet, and my sister (taking this pic) said out loud, "Please, Jesus, stop our heartbreak...this Cleveland curse...."Amy prayed it sincerely, from the heart.

And it jumped out at me. "Hey, I wonder if this curse is REAL?!" I've been in MI the past 10 years, so haven't been keeping up with Cleveland stuff.

So, I prayed, "Jesus, if there's something going on here supernaturally, that's keeping the Cavs down, please stop it. And likewise, if there's something that's helping the Warriors, that shouldn't be, please stop that."

Instantly, the Cavs came together and the Warriors came unglued. LeBron got that steely look in his eye. Steph Curry, a very public Christian, acted like a spoiled brat and got expelled for the first time in his life (I might add, that his arrogance is not Christ-like, but LeBron showed humility, so actually was the more godly appearing).

THURSDAY AFTER THE GAME: When I realized that this was more than just what appeared on the surface, I prayed that God would protect the Cavs and all their people, their families, the places they'd be staying at in CA, and their practices.

FRIDAY: I prayed that the Cavs would get good rest, that nothing would disturb their sleep, or practices. That God would send extra angels to wherever they were staying, and Oracle, to protect their practices, their families, and everyone connected to the team.

SATURDAY: I prayed that God would fill them with "the peace that surpasses all human understanding," and that they would know it's HIM Who is helping them. That they would feel His help so strongly that they would feel that it's not even them who's playing, but that something's filling them with extra supernatural power and strength.

SUNDAY: Had to go back to MI after church, had to be back at St. Matthew the next morning, so Jarod and I watched the game by ourselves (Kev watched Sister Wives, he loves laughing at that ridiculousness. Like ANYONE could be happy having to share their man!). But Jarod was in a group chat with my family back in Ohio.

After feeling Jesus laugh when I prayed Thursday and Monday, this time I felt silence. So, I prayed, "Lord, please do this to glorify Your Son, not for any selfish purposes." I gave up when it seemed like He wasn't going to do it. But I still prayed out loud, this time, the entire game. And I saw tiny things that were answered prayers throughout the whole game. But I still thought the whole game He wasn't going to do it.

The last few seconds, when LeBron hurt his wrist, both Jarod and I were like, "PLEASE, JESUS, HELP LEBRON!!!!!" He did.

And then, I was like, "PLEASE JESUS, do this for me and Jarod!" And He did. For me, Jarod, and all the others who prayed for this hope.

If you've never lived in a heartbroken, hopeless place, you don't get that this is about more than a trophy. It is a symbol of hope. Dan Gilbert summed it up: "God loves Cleveland!"

Dear Jesus, please bless Dan, Lebron, and the rest of the Cavs! Help them to use this to bring hope to many!

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