Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christian Witchcraft

Christian Witchcraft

By Kristen Collier
Lutheran Church Secretary
Scripture and Luther reader on Confronting the Devil podcast
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Kevin and I just watched an interesting guest on The Jim Bakker Show, Dr. Lance Wallnau, who just published a book about Donald Trump, God's Chaos Candidate. He was very intelligent, and talked about how witchcraft is fogging the mind's of believers, so I checked out his website, and he had an interesting description of "Christian Witchcraft."

He wrote: 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that those who operate in a spirit of control are completely convinced of what they believe God wants to do. They do not walk with an awareness of how to judge their own flesh. When they pray, preach, or prophesy, there is an element of manipulation that flows out of them. People are praying, but they’re praying in a manipulative way rather than praying in the Holy Ghost. 

What he said about Christian Witchcraft made me think, that's how many Christian leaders are talking about this election, portraying Trump as the salvation of America, so that terrified Christians believe that "saving America" is utmost in God's mind, rather than saving souls.

These same leaders say that this is End Times, that we are part of the End Times army, which we believe, but they fail to talk about what that means: that Jesus is coming again SOON, so we must try to help save as many people from Hell as possible!

I am only a humble church secretary, who loves more than anything and believes in serving and obeying her husband, but I pray during devotions at work FOR the persecution of the American Church, for it is only then that many will come to know just Who the God they serve is, and then, to become the Christian soldier they were created to be.

Dear Jesus, please reveal to those who love You dearly when they are being influenced by Christian witchcraft! When they are being manipulated by false shepherds that cause them to focus on politics and other worldly matters in these End Times, rather than what matters to You - the eternal salvation of those You died to save. In Your Name we pray! Amen!

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