Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Black and White and so Beautiful Together!

By Amy Mellinger 
Guest blogger
Amy Mellinger, sister of Kristen Collier, is like a real life Mary Poppins. She went to nanny school, worked as a nanny for years in New York, California, and Ohio. She was a preschool director and now dedicates her time to homeschooling her daughter. Amy is a fearless advocate for children everywhere.

Two of my precious daughters 
Black and white and so beautiful together!

A while back I was shopping with one of my dear friends that happens to be black. I didn't realize when we walked in the store she automatically gave the man behind the register her purse to hold. This is something I never have even thought about doing. She did it to avoid any hassle that she could be there to steal something. 

Please, dear Lord, I pray that when my black daughter grows up the world will be a place where she won't feel the need to do the same, just because of the color of her skin. Praying for love and peace and safety for all! 

In Jesus' name!

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