Saturday, July 2, 2016

The mainstream media's demonic disdain for pastors

One thing I noticed from the get-go when I started producing my podcast Confronting the Devil was a weariness among potential guests I approached to appear on the program. Some pastors even wrote that they were “praying for an answer” as to whether or not to do the show.

Then I figured it out. My show is a form of media, and media in general is hostile toward anything Christian. Interviews for pastors often become interrogations in mainstream media, who love to brand Christians as haters, but give Islamic and Muslim faith a politically correct pass.

For nearly 34 years I worked at a newspaper, and at one time was briefly on the editorial board. I recall that in one session a pastor who wrote a column for some time on the editorial page was the topic of discussion. His biblical stands often riled up liberal readers and caused a flood of letters to the editor accusing the reverend of skirting hate speech.

Some serious discussion took place in that editorial board meeting on how to address what was coming out of that pastor’s mouth. It irritated me so much, I stated to the others, “What do you expect him to say, he’s a pastor? If you don’t like him, boot him off the editorial page. But don’t act surprised if he ministers the Gospel.” In the end, the pastor stayed in the paper.

But, the experience revealed something. Most mainstream media, whose narrative is "all inclusive," don't want to include Christians. And if they do accommodate them, they quickly determine that the inclusion has become a problem. If Christian viewpoints are hate speech, don't include them. Ban them. Trash them if that improves your chances for salvation.

It’s like running a column from the area Fire Chief who speaks out on fire prevention. It certainly will upset the arsonists who read the column, but what did you expect the Fire Chief to say when you invited him in?

One clear example of this is a Youtube video featuring Pastor Michael Venyah, who I have invited on my podcast and who will appear soon. When gay marriage was given the thumbs up by the Supreme Court, a TV reporter needed a “talking head” from the church. Venyah took the bait, but he didn’t swallow the hook.

The reporter framed the question, “So, what is your opinion on gay marriage?” To which, Venyah correctly answered, “My opinion is what the word of God says.” Venyah then quoted Scripture concerning the topic. The reporter was so frustrated she asked it again seeking a different answer, but got the same. In the video when the reporter wraps up the shoot Pastor Venyah is gently ministering to her. She cannot get out of there fast enough. It’s shameful.

The residual effect of similar examples is something I sense when guests accept an invite to appear on my podcast. There is a tinge of apprehension about entering a question and answer forum, and many perk up during the interview when they realize it is an authentic forum for them to minister the Gospel.

There is little doubt that the mainstream media is no friend to Christians. It has pretty much reached ungodly, demonic levels, where the only place a pastor can find respect is Christian media itself. And there’s plenty of infighting there where good men and women of God are vilified.

There is every reason for pastors to feel reluctance about being targets if they accept mainstream media invites to engage in hot moral topics today. They will get beat up, called haters, all while the media kisses, caresses and makes love to the Quran.

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