Saturday, July 9, 2016

Did you hear? Jesus is now on Twitter! Will you 'follow' Him?

In case you missed it, Jesus has returned to Earth. With all of the news coverage on racial tension, you may have missed it. But, a few media outlets have confirmed it, and even confirmed it is Jesus. The second coming is here!

Among the few articles I found on the second coming, I was amused to read that one of the first things Jesus did when He touched down on this ball of confusion was open a Twitter account. I guess it's true; our Savior knows everything.

Anyway, being excited my Savior has returned, I found Him on Twitter and clicked 'follow.' It felt kind of strange doing that, as spiritually I have been a follower of Jesus, but now that He is physically among us, it was something tangible. And, He followed me - not is a spiritual sense, of course.

I know this may sound strange, but I'm a little uncomfortable about this. I'm not sure I want Jesus reading what I post online. So, I have cleaned up my narrative a bit. In fact, I confess it is uncomfortable for me to write this blog, because now that Jesus is on the worldwide web, He might even be reading this.

So, I must be on my best behavior.

I have noticed some folks I used to debate with concerning social issues with have followed Jesus too, and He follows them now.

They must feel uncomfortable about this, too. A few days ago some white folks I know were talking trash about packing a pistol to visit a Black Lives Matter rally. And a few black people, who a couple of days ago were saying the white cops killed in Dallas "got what they deserved," aren't talking that way now.

Suddenly, all of the drama seems to be sucked out of being on Twitter.

I mean, I love the fact that Jesus has returned, but I just wish He wasn't on Twitter. Or, maybe I wish I hadn't 'followed' Him. He's watching what I post, and I don't want Him to see anything bad, anything that is contrary to His teaching.

I am ashamed to admit, but I really hope He is not reading this blog. That same news article I read about His return said Jesus also planned to open a Facebook account. Yikes!

You know, after this, I may get off social media all together. Or, maybe Twitter and Facebook will do we sinners a favor and start blocking whatever Jesus posts. Then, we can all get back to normal.

The saddest thing is, Jesus has not returned. But He is coming. And whatever hate you have in your heart that is coming out, He's already been reading it. Cyberspace is God's space. But isn't it interesting if Jesus were on Twitter, you would be ashamed if He saw your un-Godly, un-brotherly, hateful posts.

Whether Jesus is on Twitter or not, if you 'follow' Him, you follow Him completely. We are all God's children, whether confused, hurting, or distracted by the devil. Shame on anyone who clicks 'follow' then throws the saving grace, fellowship, and love of Jesus Christ under the bus.

#JesusOnTwitter. Hashtag that.

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