Friday, July 8, 2016

Met the Devil on a street corner and got him to tell the truth

The other day while I was taking a walk, I ran into a disheveled character on a street corner with a bunch of placards at his feet. He was protesting something, but apparently was taking a break. Being a Christian, I decided to speak to him, as I was curious about what he was upset over.

He struck me as a bit of a loser, and he was filthy, but I tried to ignore that. Christ died for folks like this fellow, too.

Perhaps he was unemployed, and the signs were to get a job to put food on his table. Perhaps he didn't have a table, much less a home. I struck up a conversation with him and asked him what he was protesting. He said, "The signs are down there, take a look."

So, while he was stretching, as he looked rather lame, I rifled through the signs. I admit, I had to laugh, although there was nothing funny about them. It was that the combination didn't make any sense.

On one sign was written in bold letters, "I am pro-choice." But the next one I picked up read, "Protect the unborn." The other placards were equally confusing. One read "Black Lives Matter," another was "Support our Police." There were also support and hate Donald Trump signs, and another about Hillary Clinton having honesty and also being a liar.

There was a colorful placard that was about loving all people, regardless of gender identification or sexual preference, and another that said gay folks must repent or will go to hell. I was so confused I stopped going through them, and faced this broken man.

"What is going on here?" I asked with a disarming chuckle. "You are taking both sides of every issue."

He suddenly struck a devious smile, and replied, "Yeah, you could say that. Whatever moves people."

"Moves them to what?" I inquired. His response was a snicker. Then there was darkness in his eyes that compelled me to ask who he was. The answer I received was stunning.

"I am Satan. Want to join me on this corner and hold up a sign?"

I took a step back, glanced down at the signs, and said, "Only if I can pick the one." And he didn't challenge me. He simply answered, "It doesn't matter which one you pick, help yourself."

I thought, It doesn't matter? Is he kidding?

I glanced down at the signs, then declined the offer. It was clear the Devil didn't care what I stood for, he just wanted to feed the anger and hate that divide us as a people. Sure, Satan loves anything that denies the Bible as the way and the truth, but he seemed perfectly content just to foster hate.

I asked him if he was up to bargaining, and he replied, "Yes." I told him I was a disciple of Christ, and would not follow him, but I told him I would give up prayer for the rest of the day if he would just once tell the truth. Just once, mind you.

He rubbed his chin, and I could see he was distressed just pondering the offer. I taunted him by adding, "And I love to pray." He must have seen it as too tempting, because even a momentary delay in prayer is enough to excite the enemy. Then, with some reluctance, the Devil said, "Yes."

"The deal is that you do not pray the rest of the day, correct?" I agreed. "But, only for the rest of the day," I reminded him. "And all I have to do is tell the truth, just once?"

I nodded a yes.

"It's a deal."

The Devil slowly bent over and picked up a placard. He turned his back to me, raised it boldly over his filthy head, and began displaying it to cars passing by. I was about to leave, then said, "What about your end of the deal?" And he turned around and replied, "Take a look at the sign."

It read: "No Lives Matter."

And, I have to admit, it was the only time the Devil told the truth. And, that's a sign of our times.

Our nation has become godless, and we are seeing the results now when you do not live a Christ-centered, Gospel driven life. When God is the center of our lives, all placards stay on the ground. We don't need them. We stand for the living Word, and the laws of our Creator. And, our family expands and is secure, as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Oh, P.S. - In reality, I would never make a deal with the Devil. The deal I have going with my Father is the real deal for everyone.

When you take God away, and allow Satan to play you, expect nothing more than a hell on earth.

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