Monday, July 25, 2016

The Preachers' Pastor Orrick Quick: A bold ministry beyond 90 seconds

Jamal Bryant, John Gray and E. Dewey Smith celebrate with Pastor Orrick Quick at the conclusion of his "The Beauty of Faith" message, Friday, July 22.
The end of last week, Friday, July 22, Pastor Orrick Quick appearing on the new daytime Fox TV show The Preachers, took the podium and delivered an inspiring message titled "The Beauty of Faith." It was a moment many of us who admire Pastor Quick were waiting for!

Pastor John Gray introduced his brother in faith describing Pastor Quick as "a new, emerging, uncompromising voice in the body of Christ."

I must admit, nearing the end of the second of the program's three week run, I was concerned whether Pastor Quick would appear in the 90 second testimony, which closes out each show. With only four pastors on the show, mathematically, Pastor Quick should have stepped up to the podium twice by at least July 20.

But, I was forgetting math is God's timing, not of man.

Pastor Quick's message of Faith was a beauty, indeed. At its conclusion, his brothers in Christ, Pastors Jamal Bryant, John Gray, and E. Dewey Smith all embraced. It was a touching moment of fellowship.

I recall saying to my wife regarding Pastor Quick's moment at the podium, "This is Orrick's big chance." Then, I started to think about what I said. Chance had nothing to do with this. This was God's plan, and Orrick Quick's destiny.

Then I began thinking about how I found Pastor Quick online two months ago on YouTube and subscribed to the Orrick Quick YouTube Channel. I watched his videos religiously - no pun intended. And, I thought as I watched, "What a great teacher this guy is."

Pastor Orrick Quick delivers his message.
I started to ponder that, too, after seeing Pastor Quick step up to the podium and deliver his "The Beauty of Faith" testimony on TV. Pastor Quick is a great teacher of the Gospel, but he assumes the posture of a student, which makes him more admirable. Pastor Quick's school desk always has a test, exam or quiz laying on it. Figuratively, he's been known to carry around his homework, and sometimes even makes a video on the street while he's coming up with the answers.

Pastor Quick knows where the answers are. They all come from God almighty. The One that inspired Orrick at an early age to seek out achievement. The One that comforted him through the death of his mother in his mid-teens. He's the One who is giving Orrick all this homework, but also is the One who supplies all of the answers.

Orrick outlined his early years in an episode of my Headlines from Hell podcast, and talked about many challenges in an episode of Confronting the Devil. His presence as a co-host on The Preachers is a victory in Christ for all who love Pastor Quick. I strongly encourage everyone to subscribe to Orrick Quick's YouTube Channel, as his message is both powerful and practical. His personal videos present a ministry beyond the 90 seconds seen with "The Beauty of Faith."

The beauty of Pastor Quick's story is that a little bit of Orrick can be found in all of us. His stories of challenge mirror many of our own personal life tales. And, the challenges of life last a lifetime for those who seek God always. It's how our creator builds our character, and prepares us for greater things.

Pastor Quick keeps doing his homework, being tested, and I believe has become 'teacher's pet' in a spiritual sense. God loves us all, but I hear Orrick got a gold star sticker his last test paper titled "The Beauty of Faith."

Congrats, Pastor Quick!

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