Saturday, July 2, 2016

Democrats know Hillary is lying, they just don't care

Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democrat candidate for office of President of the United States, met with F.B.I. agents this morning for a reported 3 and a half  hour period. The investigation into her emails during her service as Secretary of State in the Obama administration is under investigation.

We all have heard about it, she received and sent official government emails from her own personal email account, involving an unsecure server. The question looms: will she be indicted of a crime? Probably not. The Attorney General met with her husband Bill, and they are cool.

The statement released by the Clinton campaign regarding her F.B.I. meeting read, “Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was secretary."

Her email arrangements? Wait a minute. An “arrangement” is an exception to a standard, or policy. You have an “arrangement” when you are given permission by an authority to go outside standard requirements. A disable person might have an “arrangement” to accommodate them to be in the employ of a business.

Hillary Clinton had no “email arrangement.” Those in authority never gave her permission, or an exception.

In fact, that’s why there is an F.B.I. investigation, because she DIDN'T HAVE an “arrangement."

A FOX News poll released today stated that 60% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton is lying about her email predicament. The dishonesty is so incredulous and obvious, that you may be astounded that it appears 40% believes she is being honest. Don’t think that, for that is a lie, too.

100% of Americans KNOW she is lying, it’s just that 40% don’t care. And why don’t they care? Because these folks like to kill babies, take guns away from registered law abiding citizens, want transgender boys in the girl’s bathroom, and worship the LGBT community as the second coming of Christ.

When you serve the devil, and everything ungodly and demonic, you don’t care if your man or woman is lying. In fact, as Alveda King said in my Confronting the Devil podcast, “Satan is such a liar, all he does is lie."

So, the 40% follow liars and are lairs. They don’t care about any truth. They only care about throwing babies into wood chippers. And they will provide cover for anyone who supports their demonic practices at any cost.

So, the next time you see a poll number that is so outrageous that it’s unbelievable, it most likely is.

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